2022: 30% more major decorative lighting projects delivered.

2022: 30% more major decorative lighting projects delivered.

2022: 30% more major decorative lighting projects delivered. 1800 1201 Decorluc

With 21 new major projects completed and 14 renovations carried out in 2022, we have established ourselves as a reference in the design of spaces with decorative lighting for large hotel chains, restaurants and retail establishments, as well as for internationally renowned design studios.

At Decorluc, a company dedicated to the manufacturing and design of tailor-made decorative lighting, we closed 2022 with a turnover of €1.5M, completing 30% more new major projects and 17% more renovations compared to 2021. Large hotel chains such as Riu, Meliá or H10

have entrusted us with the design of the lighting projects for their new establishments located in Cádiz, Barcelona, ​​the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

Internationally, we have developed projects with our own collections adapted to each environment in Luxembourg, Madeira, Mexico, Senegal, Tanzania and Cape Verde. These new projects add to our experience, which we have accumulated over more than 50 years of history as artisans of metal and decoration through custom-made lighting, often working in collaboration with internationally renowned interior design workshops.

Through meticulous work and the use of noble materials by our team of artisans and creatives, at Decorluc we create exclusive and tailor-made environments giving prominence to light. Thus, at Decorluc, present on four continents – Europe, America, Africa and Asia – we continue to advance our commitment to manufacture and design all types of lighting in an artisanal way, with unique designs that make up a lighting catalog integrated by more than 70 collections. In the words of Esther López Valenzuela, Executive Managing Director: “We closed 2022 having completed 30% more major projects compared to 2021. Without a doubt, the effort and dedication of our team of creatives and artisans allows us to continue growing and the results endorse this. Customers value the care and attention to detail, which are our hallmark. We meticulously study each project; only then do we achieve that the choice of materials and designs give personality and create the appropriate, unique atmosphere for each project”.