Hotel Paraíso: nature, creativity and Decorluc.

Hotel Paraíso: nature, creativity and Decorluc. 2048 1536 Decorluc

The location of the all-new Riu hotel is Lanzarote. Decorluc fully committed to this project, transferring all of its DNA. Inspired by the latest trends in design, the work identifies with the opposing nature. An unexpected application of surprising elements. Hand-woven lamps. Applications which are not only decorative, but inspiring. Places where we’ve transformed the light. 

Hanging lamps. Impossible structures. Colours. Shapes. Shadows. Atmospheres. A project featuring hundreds of artisan tailor-made lamps for a hotel with a name of its own in one of the most privileged of enclaves: Lanzarote. 

Edén Gastrobar lighting by Decorluc.

Edén Gastrobar lighting by Decorluc. 1024 768 Decorluc

Edén Gastrobar, situated inside Hotel Riu Plaza España in an emblematic Plaza España building, has opened its doors to the public. A restaurant with re-invented tapas we’ve enlivened with unique, tailor-made light fixtures. These lamps, which have been conceived through elements of nature, illuminate the entire space. Panoramic views of the city of Madrid offer a unique gastronomic experience.

This bespoke project was completed by our creative team using the best materials and our artisans’ know-how with a single objective: to build Eden.